Custom Invitations
Brooklyn Carnival
Marie Antoinette meets Brooklyn Carnival was the theme behind calligrapher Jenna Hein and her husband Jon's wedding suite. The setting for their wedding was in D.U.M.B.O., Brooklyn, inspiring the couple's logo of two elephant's trunks forming a heart. Jon, a talented copy writer, came up with all of the original copy throughout the suite. The ticket shaped invite was a combination of pink letterpress and gold foil stamping, with a vintage wallpaper adhered to the back side of every invitation. The ticket shaped reply card had custom drawn illustrations of Houdini all tied up and a man shot out of a canon towards the reply by date. The suite was then packaged with pink candy striped bags tied with gold cord and sealed with custom designed ticket stamps. The wedding suite set the tone for this talented and lovely couple's wedding show of thrilling and exciting proportions.

Calligraphy by Love Jenna